Leandro Barragan


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Hi! I'm a Security Consultant from Argentina. You can reach me via Twitter at @lean0x2f or by e-mail (lean0x2f [at] gmail.com - PGP Key)


CVE-ID Write-up/Advisory
CVE-2022-35850 PENDING - Reflected XSS on FortiAuthenticator versions 6.3.4 or above and 6.4.5 or above and 6.5.0 and above
CVE-2020-29071, CVE-2020-29072 LiquidFiles Virtual Appliance Multiple Vulnerabilities
CVE-2018-6288, CVE-2018-6289, CVE-2018-6290, CVE-2018-6291 Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway Multiple Vulnerabilities
CVE-2018-11138, CVE-2018-11139, CVE-2018-11135, CVE-2018-11134, (...) Quest KACE System Management Appliance Multiple Vulnerabilities
CVE-2018-6219, CVE-2018-6220, CVE-2018-6221, CVE-2018-6222, (...) Trend Micro Email Encryption Gateway Multiple Vulnerabilities
CVE-2017-9813, CVE-2017-9810, CVE-2017-9811, CVE-2017-9812 Kaspersky Anti-Virus File Server Multiple Vulnerabilities
CVE-2017-11398, CVE-2017-14094, CVE-2017-14095, CVE-2017-14096, (...) Trend Micro Smart Protection Server Multiple Vulnerabilities
CVE-2017-14090, CVE-2017-14091, CVE-2017-14092, CVE-2017-14093 Trend Micro ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange Multiple Vulnerabilities
CVE-2017-9035, CVE-2017-9034, CVE-2017-9033, CVE-2017-9037, (...) Trend Micro ServerProtect Multiple Vulnerabilities